For more than 17 years The Fire Zone has been a key drawing program for firefighters and fire investigators. You know that having accurate, easy-to-read, pre-incident plans will save lives and property. The Fire Zone is the tool that will help you do it! It is simply the best software available for creating pre-incident plans, training diagrams, post-incident critique diagrams, and even courtroom-ready investigation diagrams. 








Fire Zone 9 is here - making it easier than ever to have better pre-incident plans!








"Awesome! The easiest and most comprehensive method yet for
pre-planning. It's really made a difference!"
Chris Dollarton, Cherry Hill
Fire Dept (NJ)


"The Fire Zone is simply fantastic! It allows us to provide a very well designed walk-through of facilities. After the fire scene, we use it to create diagrams and documentation that can be presented in a court of law."
Steven Gann, B.D.R. District One F.D. (AR)


Here are three reasons why The Fire Zone is the best drawing software
available for creating fire service diagrams:

1 - It s only for the Fire Service  The Fire Zone is the only drawing software that was designed exclusively for doing pre-incident and post-critique diagrams. We ve been helping fire fighters create better pre-fire plans for more than 17 years!

Pre-drawn symbols are included that follow the NFPA 170 standard. Special textures (hatch patterns) are included for showing charring and smoke patterns, as well as grass, dirt, brick, concrete, and more.

Use it along with First Look Pro , our mobile pre-fire plan organizer. Just enter a partial address in First Look Pro to instantly display your diagrams and other building details on the laptop in your truck.



2 - It s easy to use  Over the years, we have perfected special drawing tools for drawing buildings and streets. The Easy Builder toolbox lets you quickly point, click, and slide to draw your building floor plan to exact measurements. The amazing Easy Intersection toolbox makes it easy to create any size and shape intersection.

Easy-to-use toolboxes let you place dimensions and text at any angle and any size. Use colors to highlight areas of a building. If you make a mistake, just use the unlimited Undo to back up as many steps as you need.

Comprehensive documentation includes a printed manual, an extensive electronic help system, more than 50 training movies on every feature,  How do I  topics, and a complete self-help training web site. If you still have questions, just call for free technical support!



3 - It saves you time  choose from thousands of pre-drawn symbols to show hydrants, fdcs, doors, elevators, stairs, shut-offs, and more. A powerful Symbol Manager helps you quickly find the right symbol and place it at the proper rotation, size, and color.

Import AutoCAD and other CAD drawings in .dxf format that are available from your County planner s office. Use the special Layer Cleanup tool to delete what you don t care about. You can also save your drawings as .pdf files for reports and sharing with others.

Use your pre-incident plan drawings for training and post-incident critiques. Use The Fire Zone s simple editing tools and red-lining commands to show exactly what happened at the scene.


View Diagrams in 3D!
Create your diagram in 2D and click one button to view it in 3D! Easily view the scene from any vantage point and even do "walk-throughs." Ideal for investigation and post-incident critique diagrams! 3D Viewer available separately.




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